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Integrating biodiversity into local plans and actions offers many opportunities for local sustainable development. As a result of ongoing decentralization, local administrations have increasing responsibilities for the implementation of biodiversity related policies.

BD SKILLS develops a biodiversity training approach for local administrations’ staff based on best available practice. Staff will be trained with the new material, allowing them to better integrate biodiversity into local plans and actions. This will improve their technical knowledge, skills and personal development and increase their value on the job market influenced by the greening of the economy. National and regional biodiversity related policy objectives will be better integrated at the local level.

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    cs1kaltehofe_3 bdskills_apeldoorn09 Field Trip, Kaltehofe, Hamburg Courtesy: International Green Roof Association – IGRA. ©  Saxifraga - Edo Van Uchelen Le parc du Chemin de l’Ile. Biodiversitätsweg Infotafel Humber © Alan Clements Camp Reinsehlen, Schneverdingen bdskills_apeldoorn15 Sommeremmer Batiment HQE castellberg_1 Promenade Plantée © Ralf Berkhan Ben Delbaere, ECNC, Workshop Presentation training-course-flanders2 bdskills_final-seminar04
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